WebinarHD Review
WebinarHD Review
by Jay

WebinarHD Review


Check out my WebinarHD Review to see how to leverage a new high definition single stream technology and dynamic layouts to convert prospects into buyers.


In this WebinarHD review i'm going to go over a new cloud based webinar platform from Kimberly and Danny de Vries.

WebinarHD is the worlds first webinar platform with dynamic layouts. It allows anyone, even newbies to get more traffic and conversions from Facebook and Youtube.

WebinarHD Review

WebinarHD Review


The members area is one of the most straight forward and easy to use, that i have ever seen. You can easily navigate through instant and live webinars in just a few clicks.

WebinarHD has a basic configuration that guides you through a simple 6 step process to have your webinar up and running quickly.

Here's how easy it is:

Step #1 - Configuration: Name your webinar and give it a start time and date. Then choose if you would like to include a webinar replay and a custom "buy" button.

2. Webinar Presenters: Fill in the name and email for your webinar presenters and then make them a moderator or presenter.

3. Branding: This is where you will add your logo, color scheme, videos/webinars, paste in your tracking code and even add a link to your optional custom thank you page.

4. Notifications: WebinarHD gives you 6 email notification options that you can use to automatically send confirmation, reminder and follow up emails. Choose to send your email out from 15 minutes to 1 hour before the webinar. Your choice!

5. Room Configuration: Here you will upload your slides, import registrants and decide if you would like to allow those who attend to chat with each other.

6. Finish: Hit the create button and WebinarHD will go to work and create the webinar with your invitation link.

See my WebinarHD review on video below:

Seeing that i'm pretty much a newbie at navigating WebinarHD, you can see the power of this because it is so easy to have a webinar set up and ready to go in just a few minutes!

Now take a real quick look at the WebinarHD demo from the vendor Kimberly de Vries for a super in depth review:

Alright now you have seen a full and in depth walk through of WebinarHD. So just to touch base on the co-founders. Kimberly and Danny have been known in the internet marketing space for some time. They have successfully launched many 6 figure products through the JVZoo platform and their products have delivered results.

On top of that, they stand by their products and provide excellent customer support.

Well enough about the vendors, lets get back to my WebinarHD review.

So i really liked the fact that they have included step by step tutorial videos in the help tab. If for some reason, you get stuck, which you most likely will not. You can refer to the help tab and even contact them to help you out!

After going through the WebinarHD platform, I have come to understand that this platform provides the most easy to use members area, even a rookie can navigate and use this platform within an hour or two.

What makes WebinarHD better than other platforms?

-Get more traffic by streaming any webinar directly to Youtube and Facebook
-Higher engagement by choosing your broadcasting layout with the webinar hd montage engine
-More reliability with single stream video technology
-Obtain more leads with the "done for you" registration funnel
-You can have unlimited presenters and co-hosts during your events
-Play pre-recorded or any video during live sessions
-Send automatic email notifications to your attendees
-No more monthly costs. Easy autoresponder integration. And so much more...!

Let's take a look at the reasons why EVERY business needs WebinarHD:

WebinarHD Review

WebinarHD Review


So who would benefit from WebinarHD?

-Those looking for more engagement
-Anyone who wants more conversions
-One who wants a "reliable" webinar platform
-Anybody wanting to build an email list of QUALIFIED buyers
-Small business, brands and entrepreneurs
-People who want high definition streams that attract and sell!

Alright now, unlike many of the other webinar platforms, WebinarHD gives anyone the ability to use high definition technologies and layouts with ease. Play pre-recorded videos as live, stream live to Facebook and Youtube and so much more.

WebinarHD Review

WebinarHD Review


So if you really think about it, WebinarHD has everything needed to provide your audience with engaging webinars. It's completely newbie friendly with NO monthly costs and includes 90 days of WebinarHD training, the VIP members only group and funnel spokesperson videos.

My final WebinarHD review, is that it's the easiest to use webinar platform that i have ever seen. When i first got my hands on it, i was surprised at the simplicity of the platform. Not only that, the options and possibilities with WebinarHD are just about endless. It's a super simple webinar platform that is truly second to none! Two thumbs up in my book!

WebinarHD Review Of The OTO's:

OTO #1 of WebinarHD: Evergreen Edition - Full simulated live HD and up to 1,000 attendees. This is your replacement for GoToWebinar and WebinarJam!

OTO #2: Perfect WebinarHD - Voice Over/Training/Marketplace - 6 week training and monthly coaching calls that will help you learn the best way to structure your webinars for high ticket sales.

OTO #3: Agency/Reseller License: The total business in a box that uses the Perfect Webinars hd training and gives access to the full suite with live and evergreen webinars.




Start an Online Coaching Business Using Your Talents and Expertise (This guide is a highly congruent bonus to WebinarHD as it goes hand and hand with any online coaching. Gives you so many options to connect and engage your attendees!)

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Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Profits (In this guide you will discover simple methods and tweaks that you - Or Anyone can make and skyrocket your profits drastically!)

Thanks for coming by to see my WebinarHD review and video. To get your bonuses please go to the contact page and leave your purchase details and i will get them over to you promptly. Here's to your success!

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