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Make Money With Landing Pages Today

Make Money With Landing Pages-Secure Future Profits Today

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A landing page can be defined as a standalone web page which is primarily created to carry out a marketing or advertising campaign. Visitors land on this page when they click through from AdWords, Bing ads and more. Landing pages are typically designed with a single focused objective namely, a “Call to Action”. This core objective is the basis used to increase opt-in rates so that you can promote offers and services. The following are my ideas and recommendations to make money with landing pages. Landing pages can at times, be used in making money. As such, there are several […]
Digital marketing strategies for business

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For 2018

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The new year is here, resolutions have been made and strategies on how to achieve them have been laid out. It is important for any digital marketer to remember that consumers out there have fresh expectations, and should therefore, set to work on perfecting content and delivery of their digital marketing strategies, if business is to survive in 2018. To reach your targeted market effectively and in a timely fashion, it is important to look at the trends and how they are likely to change in the new year. This way, one is able to make informed digital marketing decisions […]
Secure websites with cloud defender

Cloud Defender V2 Developer Edition Review

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Do you run a business site that accepts payments online? Or maybe your website asks visitors to fill out forms using their details? Also, your website requires users to log in using a password? If you answer yes to any of these, you need cloud defender to get a free SSL certificate. In the case of a business or ecommerce site, the visitor will be directed to a page that allows them to fill out their payment details. Once the payment is processed, their credentials will either be stored on the site or passed on to the payment processor, such […]