Manual Backlink Building

Manual Backlink Building Strategy (Simple Method For Anybody?)

My Manual Backlink Building Strategy is for everybody… let’s get into this!


Welcome my readers and friends to this simple manual backlink building strategy that works for everyone.

In my experience, there are many different ways to build backlinks. Some of them have worked really well and some were just a waste of time and effort.

Over time Google has changed and updated their algorithm. As you already know, websites rank higher for any said keyword through higher quality links.

But in order to be sure of link quality, I always choose to build backlinks manually. This may take a little bit of time and effort but is well worth it when you know that they are high authority links.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into this strategy.


Manual Backlink Building Strategy
Manual Backlink Building Strategy


Why Manual Backlink Building Is The Best Strategy

Let me start out by expressing why I’m publishing this strategy. After being in contact with a few of my subscribers, I see that there are many that are struggling when it comes to building these links.

Also, another big reason for doing so is that, I’m just really tired of people being taken advantage of by those so called mighty online guru’s. Always hearing about how they build links and do it automatically through some crazy software.

It’s all low quality links and if I must say, it’s just down right rubbish and will hurt your website rankings!

With this manual backlink building strategy, you can be assured that each link that you build will be of high quality. On top of that, you will be able to control every aspect of your site.

Never risk your business with automated link software or platforms that say or promise to get your site thousands of backlinks.

Alright enough of my ranting, let’s check out how I find them.


Manual Backlink Building-How To Find Them
Manual Backlink Building-How To Find Them


How To Find Manual Backlink Building Opportunities

There are many places that you can look to start planning your link building strategy. This doesn’t have to be difficult and it actually is pretty darn easy.

What I’ve been doing for a long time now is to really get a feel for online platforms that have a list of websites. What I mean is, find yourself a keyword as your target. Then you can start with a simple Google search and try to get a comment approved on a high authority website.

Another way to find these higher authority site’s is to get over to Medium. Com and search for posts that are popular and engaged with frequently. Click over to that site and check it out.

Alright so there are many of these platforms where you can find great ways to build links easily.

Now let’s take a look at my manual backlink building strategy video that explains exactly how I like to find and get valid proof of said high quality backlinks.



So there we have it for my manual backlink building strategy video. It’s a very simple 3 step method that anyone can do. Wouldn’t you agree?

Simply start with the keyword or niche topic. Then scroll down the search results to the bottom of the page to get going. But just to keep in mind, you don’t have to use the google results like I did.

You can use a number of different ways. You can manipulate this strategy to be your own. Just think of it, in this way. Is there a platform that you would consider to be a library of websites?

Well sure there is. You can find many of them! Another one that I like to use is because that website has a load of great writers and bloggers that share great content.

In turn, you are able to find the high domain and page authority backlinks that you need.

Now with the SEOquake extension. You always want to know if the site your trying to leave a comment on is actually getting a decent amount of traffic. This is because others will see your comment, and if it’s worthy they will click over to your site.

Finally with the Website SEO Checker, it is the staple in what your trying to prove. It gives you the domain and page authority along with other metrics that you need. Be sure that your comments are on and from quality websites!


Manual Backlink Building-How Many Are Needed
Manual Backlink Building-How Many Are Needed


How Many Backlinks Do You Need?

In my experience, there is not an exact amount of links that you are looking to build. At that point, I would say that you should be pretty picky. Choose quality over quantity right?

With that cliché aside, I would recommend starting off building backlinks from websites with each authority metric above 30. Also to accomplish about 2-5 each day for the first few weeks or so. Then when the second month comes, you can come down to three each day.

As I said before, consistency is going to be a big factor in this manual strategy. Not all site owners will approve your comment. So it’s a bit of a numbers game but well worth it!

Now with this method, I stated that you only need about 15-20 minutes per day. And that absolutely right! In time, you will see higher rankings and new website traffic. But what about those people and or businesses that don’t have that amount of time to do this daily?

For those who don’t have the extra time I can only recommend taking a look at my TrafficLinkr review. It’s the only course and backlink tool that I have actually used to speed up the process, while still using the checker for quality validation. It can cut your time and effort in half!


Thanks for dropping by to check out my manual backlink building strategy. If you have questions, hit the contact page or leave a comment. Are you going to use this strategy? Do you think it’s worth your time and effort? Let me hear it!


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