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As a definition, a Private Blog Network is basically a domain, (or more often a set of domains) that is owned by an individual. The owner of the domain will have full control over the domain and the site itself. Private Blog Networks (more commonly known as PBN’s) can be very powerful and are often used in black hat marketing.

Although Private Blog Networks are usually self-hosted, they can also on occasion be free as free domains (such as WordPress and Tumblr are available to host these) however a PBN will work much more effectively in terms of SEO if they are hosted privately.

Marketer Seal
Marketer Seal

Marketer Seal – Rankings And Traffic

The best way to get up and running with a Private Blog Network is to set up a site using a domain that has previously expired. Any domain which is relevant to your business and been used in the past will suffice; expired domains are better for PBN’s because the site you will go on to use will have already have had content and more importantly traffic.

Other websites may have also been linked to a used domain which is more great news for anyone looking to set up their own Private Blog Network as the domain name is more likely to gain visitors that have previously visited the domain in question. Matthew Woodward’s Marketer Seal will touch on much more than these basics.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, many domain names become free to use as the previous host has decided to disown the domain and once a domain name does become free, it can usually be re-registered for around $10-15 USD. Namecheap is a good site to register domains with and offers an easy search bar to find a name for your site that’s right for you and your PBN.

Marketer Seal
Marketer Seal

Marketer Seal – Control Over Your PBN

Not only are yo full control of the content for a Private Blog Network but you are also in control of the backlinks too. Altering any content means it is strictly tailored to your niche and the specific needs of your site. Anchor text can also be altered on your site giving any potential visitors the chance to click on links to other sites.

It doesn’t matter what they are, they can even be other sites that are also owned by the owner, thus creating a network of sites that any visitors would want to browse across. You will get much more insight on this in the marketer seal certification course!

However, finding a suitable expired domain name can be somewhat tricky. The last thing any Internet Marketer would want is to find themselves lumbered with a name that has previously been associated with any bad business, (adult sites are a typical example of this).

For domain names that have expired but still come with a good reputation, it’s worth checking out some expired domain search source sites such as; ExpiredDomains.Net, Bluechip Backlinks or even Hammerhead Domains.

Once you are up and running you will be able to link many money making or sales sites to your new domain. Google has banned some of these in the past but they are still achievable with Matthew Woodward’s private blog network certification course – Marketer Seal!

What is the certification made up of?

Marketer Seal Private Blog Network specialist certification consists of 10 modules that span 53 lessons, 39 videos and 6 printable cheat sheets that you can work through at your own pace.

The lessons are presented in text, video or image formats.

The Exams

PBN certification has 6 exams that are made of 5 smaller module specific exams & 1 final exam.

Students have to pass each and every module specific exam in order to go the next module and are also allowed to ask questions if you get stuck.

The Final Certification

When the final exam is completed you will earn the Private Blog Network Specialist Marketer Seal of Certification!

You will receive a physical certificate to hang in your office! Really Cool!

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Thanks for coming by to read my Marketer Seal Review. Hope to hear from you soon!

*****Marketer Seal enrollment is now closed. Please contact me to be notified when this PBN certification re-opens*****

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