Udimi Review

Udimi Review

Udimi Review – Check Out My Udimi Solo Ads Review To See How Anyone Can Start Getting More Leads And Sales Today!

Hello my readers and friends, if you landed on my Udimi Review then you are certainly looking for more information about the platform or just want to learn how to get more leads and sales for your business.

Either way I have you covered and have included some very useful extras.

In this Udimi review I will be giving you my experience and knowledge on the process of successful solo ad campaigns. I have been using Udimi for over three years and am happy to say that anybody can use the platform to build their online business.

Every business online is or was using one of the most well known paid traffic sources. That of course being Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

Now today, I’m going to walk you through Udimi, which is one of my favorite places to get quality leads for my email lists.

Udimi Review
Udimi Review

What Is A Solo Ad Exactly?

Alright, so for those of us who don’t know what solo ads are. A solo ad is an email advertisement that you buy from various email list owners. These vendors or list owners will send an email out to their subscribers on your behalf.

Your solo ad should entice the subscribers to click through to your offer or promotion. But the ideal scenario is to get clicks that turn into leads, that you can convert into sales later on through an effective autoresponder sequence.

Now the great news about solo ads is that, on numerous occasions I have found that they can be much cheaper and have a higher conversion rate than the other paid sources like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

It’s also nice to know that solo ads are only restricted to what niche the vendor built his or her email list around.

So let me tell you about the downside of solo ads. There are some vendors that have built their list through what may be considered black hat methods. This meaning that, I have ran into a few vendors that sent some fake clicks to my offer.

I knew almost right away because of really low conversion rates, duplicate IP addresses and no reply from follow up emails, just to name a few. Thankfully, after I discovered Udimi solo ads, that never happened again.

But with that, to this very day I use Udimi solo ads traffic with success for my lists and also employ the use of solo ads to promote many affiliate marketing and CPA offers. This of course using Udimi and the additional bonuses and resources that I have included down below.

Udimi Review
Udimi Review

So What Is Udimi?

Udimi is a platform for those looking to buy solo ads and anyone with a list that wants to sell solo ads. Anyone can sign up for Udimi for free and easily get started quickly. The really cool thing about Udimi is the fact that they use a traffic filtering engine that is made solely for the solo ad market.

Thus, automatically filtering out any useless traffic and providing you with high quality and engaging leads.

Now there are many other features of Udimi that they have added to their platform to make it as easy as possible for everybody. Let’s get into what the members area will offer you.

Udimi Review
Udimi Review

Udimi Members Area And Vendor Selection

Inside the Udimi members area there is a large list of solo ad vendors to choose from. These vendors vary based on the niche, price per click, rating, sales and much more.

You can start by using their filter at the top to find the vendors that meet your criteria. You will need to use this filter in order to find the best vendors.

Udimi Review

I recommend using the filter to find the vendors that have at least 200 or more ratings and have 20% or more that report sales. These percentages are shown by a dollar sign for buyers and a green thumbs up for ratings.

When you take a look at the vendors profile, you can see their positive or negative ratings. So if their percentage of sales says 27%, this means that 27 percent of buyers are reporting sales.

Unfortunately I’ve found this to be a bit off as there is no way to verify that number. So take it with a grain of salt. By using these two filters together, you can come up with a real nice list of vendors that meet your needs.

After this I always consider the price to be one of my main concerns. Don’t we all?

Now, Udimi vendors sell their clicks from $0.40 up to $0.95 per click. Even though you might be thinking that the lower price is better, that’s not always the case. Most of the time you get what you pay for right?

Alright so now on to selecting your vendor(s). Click on the vendor profile and scroll down to read their reviews and see what previous buyers are saying about the previous solo ad campaigns.

After you have chosen your vendor, you can choose the amount of clicks that you want along with the Udimi base filter. You can also select only mobile traffic, only top tier traffic and the prime filter. Check out this article that goes deep into showing exactly how Udimi filters work.

Tip: After you have selected your vendor, check to see if they have a deal going through the solo deals tab at the top of the members area.

At this point, take a look at my Udimi review video to see my walk through of this solo ads platform.

Alright so hopefully my Udimi review video cleared up any questions that you may have had. Now let’s move over to the Udimi analytics.

Udimi Review – Analytics and Tracking

The really nice thing about Udimi, is that they save all the stats from your solo ad orders. The last order is always shown first and automatically appears in the box. You can switch between your old solo ads by selecting the drop down. This is awesome as it saves a bunch of time, especially when your buying solo ads from multiple vendors.

So when the vendor is finished the delivery of your solo ad, you can view your stats. You will be able to see how many actual clicks that you have received, along with the locations of where the clicks actually came from.

Udimi Review

As you can see, the stats show the number of quality visitors, the number of filtered clicks and what Udimi considers to be useless clicks.

Also if you are a Udimi prime member, you will see the stats that helped you obtain a higher quality standard.

Finally you will see a breakdown by country. This is a map of where the clicks came from and the percentage by country. On top of that you will also have a breakdown of each click and the supporting stats for each and every click. Udimi also records the IP addresses of each so you can rest assured that your not getting duplicate clicks or email subscribers.

Udimi Review

Udimi Solo Ads Resources

Udimi has recently added new resources that will take the stress out of writing your email swipes and setting up a converting landing page for your solo ad campaigns.

Now let’s go through the first option in the new “Extras” tab. In this, you will find that some of the solo ad vendors are offering to write the email copy for you. This is an awesome addition, especially for anyone looking to get started quickly.

These writers have years of experience and can save you some time. One of the major reasons that I know that their copy is good, is that I went ahead and purchased. Needless to say, their copy converted and was very happy with the results.

Even though the copy was only part of the campaign, I understand that the vendor knows his subscribers and is sure on what they want and what they are interested in. In my opinion, this new addition is a great idea.

Alright so let’s move on to the new landing page design option.

You already know that the solo ad copy and your landing page have to work together in order to obtain the leads and sales that you are looking for.

So just in case you are looking to get going quickly, you can employ the use of the new landing page design option. The solo ad sellers design high converting pages that are tailored to your needs.

Now when looking to get quality leads and make money with landing pages, you will need to find the right designer. Start by filtering, just like you would when looking for your solo ad vendor.

Be sure to pick the one that has great ratings and click through the individual profiles to take a look at their feedback and FAQs about the designer.

Udimi Review

Udimi Forum And Help

When you sign up with Udimi, you will also have access to a community that is looking to drive quality traffic, discuss results, question and answer plus so much more. I’ve found the Udimi forum to be super helpful and those that are part of forum have been really nice and helpful.

In my opinion, it’s a great resource that everyone should be a part of.

Now for the Udimi Help tab. On this page you will find all the tutorials that you may need. That includes tutorials for sellers, affiliates and prime tools tutorials.

Each section of the Udimi tutorials go over many topics. They cover, how to buy solo ads, rating the seller, rules, solo deals, tips for success, opt-in trackers, communication and so much more.

This help section is the foundation of how Udimi operates and it has all the basic information that you need to know about.

Udimi Review

My Udimi Recommendations

  • Start by choosing the vendors that offer delivery of your ad within 5 days.
  • Then select the amount of clicks that you want to receive. Usually start with 50-200 clicks.
  • Be sure to select the vendor(s) that have at least 20% reported sales. (See video)
  • Look for those vendors who have at least 200 or more feedback. This way you know if they are legitimate and worth your hard earned money, time and effort. You can see exactly who left the feedback and what experience they had with that particular seller.
  • Be sure to choose the vendors that offer clicks from 85% or more top tier countries. This way you get the highest quality traffic possible.

My final note: Feel free to reach out to any of the vendors to ask questions and even ask them to critique your landing page or funnel. They know what their list wants and what to sell them!

Unlike many solo ad platforms, Udimi protects you in the following ways:

  • All traffic is filtered
  • You only pay for clean traffic
  • Buyer receives an instant refund for non-delivered traffic
  • All ratings are posted buy Udimi buyers and sellers and are verified
  • Any communication or unprofessional behavior is internally controlled

The only thing that I think is missing from this solo ad platform is a “Done For You” resource. But not to worry, I have you covered with my Udimi bonuses below!

Every online business needs to generate leads right? So use Udimi to your advantage and build an engaging email list.

My final Udimi review is that, it is a great solo ad platform that will allow you to grow your business, get more subscribers and sales quicker than many other methods.

To go along with that, I really loved that fact that Udimi has detailed tutorials that provide a bunch of value and a lot of extra help!


$5 Sign Up Bonus (Here you will get a $5 Udimi gift code instantly after registration. Save a few bucks on your solo ads!)

Swipe File Chamber (This is a huge library of fill in the blank headlines, titles, scripts, email subject lines, attention grabbing copy and much more. This is the resource that I spoke of earlier. This gives you access to easily put together the converting swipe that your going to need.)

Email List Maximum Effect (Just like most marketers, we all try to make more revenue from our website traffic and our customers. In this course you will learn how to get the most out of your list. Learn to implement expert copy techniques, structuring emails, communication, engagement and more.)

Udimi ELITE Vendors Cheat Sheet (This is my Exclusive Udimi vendor list that I’ve put together over the last few years. Inside this guide you will have access to the highest converting and reputable solo ad sellers, period. My gift to get you converting right away!)

Thank you for coming by to read my Udimi review and please feel free to leave me a comment. I would love to hear about your conversions and sales. Even if you need some pointers, I am here to help out if needed.

To get your bonuses, please go to the contact page and grab my email. Please provide the registration information (your account name) and I will verify your account. Then I will get these bonuses out to you promptly. Cheers to your Udimi solo ads success!

Udimi Review

Udimi Review - In this Udimi solo ads review I've provided my honest personal experiences. I hope you use Udimi to your advantage and start getting more quality leads for your business today!

Service Type: Solo Ads Platform

Price: $10

Currency: USD


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    • Cheryl
    • July 17, 2020

    This is very helpful for my journey with Udimi. it is a great place to buy and sell advertising. Once you are able to find good sellers that can provide results, it would be a great advantage for you as a buyer.

      • Jay
      • July 19, 2020

      Hey Cheryl,

      Glad to be of help. I have provided a bonus that covers finding the best sellers for everyone. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.
      Be safe and take care.

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