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Digital Marketing Methods That Actually Work

Digital Marketing Methods – Read On To Learn About My Favorite And Relevant Digital Strategies!

Whether you want to build an engaging brand or generate organic traffic for your website, crafting the right digital marketing strategy is all about using your tools wisely. I’ve compiled this guide of the most effective digital marketing methods, along with tips for how you can make them work for you and your business.

Navigating the competitive landscape of digital marketing is essential for the success of every single business. The good news is that there is a huge variety of opportunities to sell the value of your product or service. But how do you know what’s really worth your time and money?

Let’s get right to that!

Using Social Media Marketing

Part of being successful at marketing, is reaching your customers where they are. That’s increasing on social media! Engaging content is highly shareable and spreadable on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. These platforms will allow you phenomenal access to people who would be interested in your product.

Social media marketing can be much more personal and can make a larger impact than traditional ads. This is because your customers are already so engaged and interested in the topic. How do you take advantage of this captive audience? Use it to drive sales and build brand awareness by creating content that is valuable, relevant for your customers and worthy of sharing.

But there are also many other ways to really get a grip on your advertising. Take a look at my AdvertSuite review post to learn better ways to get customers to buy your products or services.

Pinterest is also one of the most effective platforms because of its massive and loyal audience. It’s all about creating engaging images and “pinning” them to your carefully curated company page. Creativity, cleverness and striking photography are all rewarded in this highly visual space.

Using discoverable keywords in your image titles and description is key. This will allow you to connect with customers who are actively looking for strong visual content related to your company.

There are several Pinterest strategies, including the traditional route of featuring your product or service in a way that appeals to your audience. You can even sync your Pinterest account with your online store with pins that allow customers to “Add to Bag” and purchase, all right on Pinterest!

Some companies prefer to use an indirect approach. This by having their page serve as a source for general lifestyle content that appeals to their demographic. The organic interest generated by this form of Pinterest marketing can then be used to increase awareness about your brand and increase traffic to your website.

The Influencer Digital Strategy

This form of marketing is all about getting around the cynicism that many people feel about traditional digital marketing. Let’s face it, people can get overwhelmed by advertising and even begin to tune it out. That’s why marketing has to be creative and responsive to what people are really paying attention to.

Today, many people are paying a great deal of attention to popular figures on spaces like Youtube and Instagram. Developing influential relationships with social media users that have a loyal following. Otherwise known as Influencers. This will allow your product the chance to be given a fresh look from a potential customer.

The way Influencer marketing works is that the exposure to your product is coming from someone that is trusted and considered an expert by your target customer. But keep in mind, influencer marketing is more than just paying for an endorsement.

It’s more about building an ongoing relationship so that the Influencer can organically feature your offer or service, in their posts and content. You can get the full picture when it’s time to send them a product before it is available or invite them to a brand event.

Successful Influencer marketing is all about identifying the right people to work with and then building solid relationships. You want to find figures with a large and loyal following. Also being sure, that their content is relevant to your audience and then moving forward with those who are interested in working with you.

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing tool because it will give you unique access to reaching a targeted audience that is very open to hearing about your product.

Include Affiliates In Your Marketing Plan

Any business that wants a high ROI (return on investment) for every marketing dollar, will find affiliate marketing an attractive option for getting out the word about their product. This is a commission based model of digital marketing that uses individuals or businesses, called affiliates, to promote your product.

Your business should choose affiliates that will be good ambassadors for your brand and are generally familiar with your specific industry. Experienced affiliates will use targeted marketing tactics to promote your products. That may include, blogging, social media, SEO, pay per click and many other online marketing tactics.

But the only thing that matters, as far as you’re concerned, is that they send traffic to your website using a special link that identifies them. Then they collect a percentage if there is a sale.

Since you only pay if the product is actually purchased, your affiliates are highly incentivized to work hard and produce sales for you. This highly targeted marketing is very cost effective. Especially since you are paying strictly for performance and will not be affected if an affiliate is not producing.

As a bonus, your affiliate marketing networks will also give you plenty of useful data about what works or doesn’t work when it comes to marketing your product.

If your just getting started or still struggling with your affiliate marketing efforts, then check out our affiliate blueprint today!

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

It’s easy to overlook this highly effective form of digital marketing because it is comparatively older and less innovative than methods like social media marketing. And yet email still remains one of the best ways to reach your customers because it’s used by almost everyone. Almost every day it presents a massive opportunity to connect with customers.

What is true, is that consumers don’t like irrelevant emails and that email platforms can have aggressive spam filters. This means your email marketing has to be savvy in order to grab your customers attention.

The most important step is making sure your emails are actually wanted, by having customers opt in for your emails. If you skip this step and get reported as spam, a high percentage of the time you will actually risk having your sender IP blacklisted by email providers.

So how will you get the customers permission? Offer them something of value. Coupons and discounts are always popular!

You can also try free downloads, relevant tips on using your product or a well written newsletter. Continue providing them with something of value and you will continue to have access to their inbox and a chance to promote your product. Showing some personality and being transparent can go a long way.

This is definitely one of my favorite digital marketing strategies because email marketing is low in cost and high in potential. In turn, a great way to reach your customers in a space that they visit every single day.

Search Engine Strategy

Getting a grip on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most crucial aspects of any digital marketing strategy. Optimizing your website to be easily discovered by search engines will help you generate the highest quality traffic possible. Which are those people actively looking for your product. Search engines are at the center of how most people use the internet, including whatever product or service they need.

If you’re not able to navigate this important part of the digital landscape, your business is sure to be a step behind.

Improving your search rankings begins with making sure your content includes the relevant keywords that your customers might be searching for. There are many elements that search engines analyze. Which means your content, title tags, meta description, image captions etc. should all be carefully considered.

Another important strategy is using responsive web design, which just means that your blog can adjust to whatever device it’s being viewed on, whether that is a phone, laptop or tablet. Search engines reward these types of sites with a higher rank, and your customers will also appreciate it.

In general, the better your site is organized to make it easy to find specific pages, and the more quickly it can load, the better you can convince search engines that you are a valuable and relevant source that should be seen. This is what “Optimizing” refers to, making your site optimal with qualities a search engine prefers.

Finally, get some links coming in to your business by building relationships on social media or doing other forms of content marketing. Search engines will consider you more trustworthy and important if other people are linking to you in connection with the right keywords.

Whats The Best Digital Marketing Strategy For You?

It depends on many elements, including your product, your customer and your budget. A company offering a high dollar product would probably benefit from exploring affiliate marketing. While a trendy new makeup line would be smart to form relationships with some Instagram Influencers who can showcase the product.

If your product is a cooking device, get over to Pinterest and start sharing some gorgeous food photography. The key to success with these digital marketing platforms is, going where your customers are and providing them with valuable, engaging content. This will allow you to earn their attention and hopefully their business.

Thanks for coming by to read my digital marketing methods article. I hope you put these methods into action, along with the proper digital marketing plan. Please feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts and feelings. I would love to hear about what is working for you!

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