Make Money With Solo Ads

Make Money With Solo Ads That Convert

Learning How To Get Solo Ads To Convert Does NOT Have To Be Difficult. Read On To Get Insight On How To Do Just That!

Making money online is the dream of millions. The promise of having freedom, a good income and no commute. One of the most legitimate ways of accomplishing this goal is the use of solo ads. An awesome tool for using email marketing to convert sales of your product and much more. So lets get going on how to make money with solo ads.

You might be spending your energy on a number of different methods to generate leads. Everything from tweaking your SEO to making Youtube videos. While there’s nothing wrong with these traffic methods, each can take a bunch of time.

Solo ads can go much further and is a great way of kick starting your business with some high quality targeted traffic.

What are Solo Ads?

A solo ad is a form of marketing where you find someone with a very large email list. Then pay them per click to send their subscribers an email about your product or service. When you buy solo ads you are basically renting someone’s email list. Then they send a marketing email to them with the goal of building up your own list.

Your email will contain a link to your landing page, also called a “squeeze page”, where you offer the subscriber some sort of incentive, like a high value lead magnet or course, in exchange for their email address.

Obviously you need solo ads that convert, that can generate these valuable email addresses for you. And for this you’re going to need an eye catching, well written landing page.

Make Money With Solo Ads

Quality Landing Pages For Solo Ads Traffic

You must have a good landing page, there is absolutely no way to build a customer base and make money if not. It’s crucial to be sending these clicks to a well designed, compelling space where you can build your email list and possibly sell a product.

While it’s not impossible to sell a product at this initial point of getting the click (and you should certainly try), what you really want is to capture this person’s email address. In turn you will be able to market to them in the future. You buy solo ads pretty much for that particular purpose.

You will pay the seller of the email list ahead of time for a certain amount of clicks to your page. You essentially pay per click, which makes it easy to set your own budget. Each click gives you the opportunity to “squeeze” that person’s email address.

For example, by offering a newsletter or a free product. You can also try to sell a product by directing the subscriber to your sales page.

In order to get solo ads that convert (sales and email sign-ups), a converting landing page will have a short and clear headline. You want to pull in the people that ARE interested in your product or service. It has to be compelling, descriptive and offer a possible solution to their issue.

If they have to read 3000 words just to get to your call to action, this will never work! You’ve paid for that click, now make it work for you. This is how you make money from solo ads.

Solo Ads That Convert

Where To Buy Solo Ads That Convert

In my experience, the best place to buy solo ads is Udimi! They are the largest and most reputable solo ads marketplace. But it’s not the only source. You can also find this service on Facebook pages as well as smaller sites. But the Udimi platform is the one that I recommend and trust because it has a larger variety of reputable sellers that I have actually used and had success with.

Bottom line, it’s much easier to verify which vendors can send you quality solo ads traffic that actually converts into leads and sales.

You can choose a seller based on cost per click, percentage of sales generated by their past campaigns, countries their subscribers live in and feedback from other people who’ve used them. You really have a lot of information to help guide you towards getting that high quality traffic.

Ideally your seller will also be situated in the same niche as your service or product. If it’s a weight loss list, you would be selling is a weight loss product. Once you’ve found the right seller, someone with a good track record and a quality list.

You will be in a very good position to go ahead and buy solo ads and set up a campaign.

Your Investment With Solo Ads

The advantages of solo ads are several. Beginning with how quickly you can have traffic coming to your site, and also how well you can control your budget. You are paying for a certain number of clicks and you have complete control over what you spend.

This also makes this technique scalable as you begin with a small purchase. Then you would ramp it up once you find what works for you. You can minimize your risk by using multiple vendors (all of them reputable options) and making smaller buys, while tracking your results in between each campaign.

If you are not keeping track of how well each campaign is working for you there is just no way for you to get the conversions to make money with solo ads. It’s very important to know if your money is being spent wisely or not.

Udimi has its own tracking software that allows you to see which countries the clicks come from. As well as how many emails you were able to collect from the campaign overall.

There are also other trackers like Google Analytics. You need to carefully tweak every aspect of this marketing strategy. Ditch sellers that aren’t working for you as well, tweak your email, your landing page and your call to action etc.

As you polish your product and presentation, you will grow your email list and start to make money with solo ads. At the point where you are either breaking even or making a profit is where you can start scaling up by purchasing larger amounts of clicks from the sellers that have delivered the best results.

At this point your hard work is really paying off!!

Make Money With Solo Ads

Making Money With Solo Ads Conclusion

Now you understand the basics of making money with solo ads and you can begin to set yourself up to utilize this method. To get the most out of this type of marketing, there are some things to remember.

1. Don’t lose sight of your real goal: building your email list. You want to get people to sign up so you can offer them products and services down the line. This means you need to work on your marketing content to make sure it is compelling. Get the most out of those new subscribers!

You need to work on your product and services as well. The reason you’re investing in solo ads is so you have the opportunity to show your awesome product to more people on an ongoing basis.

2. Choose the vendors of your lists carefully. You should invest all the time needed for researching them carefully before plunking down your hard cash. You can even write to them and ask questions like “what kinds of offers do well, what is your general niche, how often do you add new subscribers?”

3. Design your emails in a way as to avoid people who are not actually interested in your product. Basically, make sure you don’t end up paying for clicks of people who are not really interested in your product.

Doing this is more of an art than a science but you should not make your email too vague. Put your best foot forward but do present your product or service or idea for what it is.

Now you’re ready to get started on designing your own solo ads that convert. Get to tweaking your landing page and choosing the best sellers for your niche! I hope this basic knowledge will help you get started in your research of how to utilize this excellent marketing strategy.

If your on the fence or just need some additional clarity, I have a full Udimi review and video that will help you out straight away!

I wish you great luck and thank you for coming by to read my make money with solo ads that convert article. Please feel free to leave a comment and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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