Facebook Messenger Secrets

Facebook Messenger Secrets That You Should Know

Hello My Friends And Readers. Today I Wanted To Bring You Some Facebook Messenger Secrets That Everyone Should Know About.

So with that, we all know how important it is to be building your email list. The ability to market to your list for barely any cost, has big time advantages. You know that as time has past, email open and click rates have gone down heavily.

But now with Facebook messenger bots, you can start getting more engagement and clicks to wherever you want. This is because you can start using any Facebook messenger app like ManyChat to build yourself a list of engaged chatbot subscribers that actually want to hear what you have to say.

Now, one of my favorite Facebook secrets is to have a system in place where you can automate the process with a full software suite. I previously did a full walk through of the Facebook marketing software, you can see it in action for yourself.

Facebook Messenger Secrets
Facebook Messenger Secrets

Facebook Secrets For List Building

When starting to build your messenger list, you should take into account that you need to be patient and persistent. So let’s move on with my Facebook messenger secrets.

Start building your list by sharing your M.ME link. This is the short link that you get within your messenger bot platform that will send visitors directly into a messenger bot conversation. This is huge because it can help you build your engagement and list quickly.

Another great way to use your link, is to run a promotion or giveaway that will encourage people to opt in. You can use and share your M.ME link, just like any other hyperlink.

Start sharing your link on social media posts and with your followers as soon as possible. Just don’t over do it. Don’t forget to take advantage of other social channels to get the most for your efforts.

Last but not least, is to start running solo ads. If your not familiar with solo ads, you can take a look at my Udimi review to see how I use the platform for targeted email and Facebook messenger marketing campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Secrets
Facebook Messenger Secrets

Using Landing Pages With Facebook Messenger

Landing pages are designed to entice your visitor and to get them to perform a specific action, this could be to sign up for newsletter, download your latest ebook or to get them into your sales funnel.

Now here are the Facebook messenger secrets for grabbing your customers attention:

This is where you make it or break it. A well designed page is where you can take full advantage of the traffic that you get, along with the ability to convert them into subscribers or customers.

Using your landing page to promote your business will provide your potential customers with sufficient information about the products or services that you offer. Give them top notch reasons, bullet points and convincing sales copy that will help them to move to the next stage of your funnel.

Start creating awareness around your product or service. Reaching out to potential clients through the use of social media platforms is crucial. Get MORE eyes on your freebie or offer!

Food for thought here. When you do get customers to convert or buy something from you, do yourself a favor and follow up with them if you can. The purchase they made is only the beginning. Give them some awesome customer service and ask for a referral.

At this point, you can use your landing page to rinse and repeat the process as much as you want. If you want to learn more, please feel free to check out my make money with landing pages article. It’s sure to help you out.

Facebook Messenger Secrets
Facebook Messenger Secrets

Messenger Bot List Broadcasting

Facebook messenger broadcasts are a very important piece to your messenger marketing strategy. As you know, Facebook messenger bots are becoming super popular. Messenger gives anyone the ability to easily send pictures, product promotions, videos and much more.

This option alone can increase your marketing performance. This also enables you to get more engagement and new clients.

Here are my three secrets for broadcasting that actually sells and what the best practices are:

1. Be sure to write messages that touch on a pain point, are engaging and get straight to the point. Try not to confuse your subscribers with complicated details, as they can easily lose interest. The main purpose of your messages are to grab their attention and get them to respond or take action.

2. Make sure your messages are easy to understand and contain personalized information. Take this for instance. If people feel as if they are talking to a machine, they will click away from the message and will surely have a negative outlook on your company. Any and all of your contact should be natural, as if you were speaking to a family member.

3. Start asking questions so your audience can give feedback and opinions.

One of my favorite ways to get subscribers to interact, is to ask questions that will help them to feel compelled, so they reply or answer. This permits you to continue with the conversation and build your relationship and trust. Never use hype or overly promotional content.

You can easily ask for permission at the end of your content in order to get them to take action.

Example: Hey Joe, thanks for your interest in the cookbook. Be sure to read chapter four as soon as possible. It covers a great recipe that I go over in great detail. “Would it be ok to send you the video?”

Asking for permission is what Facebook wants and it will also permit you to still send promotions without any issues.

Your broadcasts can make quite the impact on your marketing efforts. Using a combination of promotional and follow up messages will allow for a much higher engagement than standard email marketing could ever offer.

Facebook Messenger Secrets

How To Make Money With Facebook Messenger

Alright so here are my secrets for making money with messenger. Start sending your messages to the right people and at the right time. You can use this option within your messenger platform to target your subscribers using tags. Some platforms have different ways to target subscribers so be aware of this before you get started.

Start by using a purchase incentive through discounts, promotions and lead magnets. This is a great method to increase your sales. For this to work in the best possible way, you need to offer a discount or give out a freebie product.

Getting your subscribers to take action on your new ebook for instance. Then at the end of the content put a picture with a link to the main offer. If they like your content, they will most likely click your link and purchase.

The implementation of your messenger bot can have a huge impact on your company. But putting a bot to work for you is only the first step. There are many ways to make money with messenger but you need to learn the in’s and out’s of your chosen messenger platform.

Take a look at this messenger strategy, as it is the only one that you can start for free and make money while building your messenger bot list at the same time.

Alright so for those who have read this whole post…. I want to share one of my absolute favorite ways to get more high quality leads into your business. Here it is.

Get into your Facebook account and start a new friends list. Then do a search and find an influencer in your niche. Go to their page and click on their followers on the right side. The list will pop up with picture and name. Start friending each of those people. These are the prospects that you are looking for.

Some will accept your request and some won’t. Of those who do, greet them with a friendly message and then in a few days, invite them to like your page. Use the Facebook secrets and tips in this article and put it to work for your business.

Alright so there are some changes coming to Facebook Messenger. Read on to find out what they are!

Facebook Messenger Secrets

Facebook Update For Messenger

Today I wanted to give everyone my Facebook messenger update. I stumbled on some new changes coming to Facebook messenger in January.

But before I get into that, I was just thinking of one of the previous changes that Facebook made at the beginning of this year. That being, the new rules and regulations for “Subscription Messaging”.

At that, you as a small business owner or affiliate had to apply to get your page approved to send out broadcast messages to your bot subscriber list. It was pretty easy to do and you could apply again, even if you were not approved in the first place.

That really didn’t cause any big issues within the community. It was just another hoop to jump through so that Facebook could keep compliance and other issues at bay.

So let’s get into this new Facebook messenger update.

Not many things will change, but Facebook will now use the “Pay to Play” gig for those who are sending promotional content. So for those of us who have or are looking to build a messenger bot list, we will have to pay to get our promotional messages out to our list.

Finding out this information was almost like being slapped in the face. In my opinion! But then I calmed myself and gave it a good few hours thought. Those thoughts really brought me to this Facebook messenger post.

Now I thought, how am I to bring you guys (my readers), this Facebook messenger update and the motivation to keep rocking with messenger?

Well the fact is, I went and made some minor changes to my messenger bot flows and also made them straight to the point. I also stepped up on a few of the said messenger techniques listed in this post. And above all, I started to segregate my list for A/B testing.

Now after testing for two weeks, I’m starting to see how these new changes are going to affect everybody.

The first is that, your messenger subscribers will now see the word “Sponsored” right on their messages from you. At first this screamed “solicitation” right at me. If you know what I mean? But as it turns out, if you have a list of engaged people that you have already built report with, then your absolutely good to go!

I have spoken with many of my subscribers, so I really only have seen a 4% decline with my engagement (which is still 30-50% better than regular Email). You may see more if your not building relationships in the right way. But you already know that.

Finally…this is what you NEED to read!

My Facebook messenger update and conclusion is:

Facebook messenger is still a very viable method to get more leads. It just takes a little bit more to get your message out. So when I mean a little more, I actually mean it!

After my few week test with three different list segments, I’ve come up with this: It costs an average of 1 cent per subscriber! Yes you see that right, I said 1 cent!

So in my opinion, anyone can still get quality leads and sales using Facebook messenger. It just costs a little bit more. So get out there and take action!

Take a look at the Facebook Messenger Policy to see exactly what the changes are and how it will affect your business.

Thanks for coming by to take a look at my Facebook messenger secrets article. Hope it serves you well. Get out there and take action. Please feel free to leave a comment as I would love to hear about your results with Facebook messenger.

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