Genuine Ways You Can Get Paid Online
Get Paid Online
by Jay

Genuine Ways You Can Get Paid Online

Read On To Find Genuine Ways You Can Get Paid Online And Make A Full Time Living From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.


There are numerous ways through which you can get paid online. And there are more and more online jobs becoming available every day. This trend is expected to thrive even in the future. Some jobs that you can do from home involve starting your own online business, or working for someone else for money.

If you know what platforms to use, you can even make a full time salary from home. So, if you are considering earning more money or you want to establish a new path to your career that enables you to make money from home, this article is mainly for you.

Here are some great ways that you can get paid online:


This career can be done from your home and has a great deal of independence. All you need to have is a computer software for processing words, headphones and access to the internet. Therefore, if you have these things you can start earning online from home as a transcriptionist.

As a transcriptionist, you have to be a quick and perfect typist, and also possess basic computing skills. An average transcriptionist earns $26,882. When searching for a job as a transcriptionist, point out any experience in word processing or transcription you have had and stress your expertise in basic computing.

Some sites where you can build your career as transcriptionist include PeoplePerHour, Amazon Mturk, UpWork, TranscribeMe, Swagbucks and Go Transcript. You can register as a freelance transcriptionist on these open market websites.

Get Paid Online

Get Paid Online


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant facilitates various remote assignments across a few captivating industries, but their primary role is administration. Most individuals have arranged catering for conferences, done expense reports, booked for travel, or other administrative tasks. These managerial skills are the ones you need to have for this job.

The best part about this job is that you can do it in the comfort of your home, and you can do it on a freelance starting point. The average salary for this job is $15.60 per hour and like any helper, virtual assistants need to have expertise in computing.

They also need to be well-organized and provide what is inquired. Featuring good manners on the phone and emails can really go a long way. You can launch your job seeking process by searching for virtual assistant jobs on sites like ZipRecruiter, Remote. Co, Upwork, and FlexJobs.

Get Paid Online As A Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer you can operate remotely, as long as you have a computer and Internet access. To become a writer you have to possess good research and writing skills. As you would expect, your demand will be directly dependent on your areas of expertise and experience.

So, outline some of the areas where you have already worked and ensure that their website features your contact information and displays your best work. If you do not have any published pieces then you need to start there. A freelance writer earns $51,104 per year on average.

If you are just starting, various sites where you can get freelance writing jobs and market platforms for advertising your services exist. However, the competition in this field is high. Some of the places where you can find writing jobs and make money from home include FlexJobs and FreelanceWritingGigs.

Get Paid Online

Get Paid Online


Market Sampler and Researcher

Businesses need to know your opinion, and you will earn from that. For most of such jobs, you do them at your home. Although you need to have internet access and a smartphone or computer. The income from this job varies depending on the type of work.

For example, a website tester can earn an average of $40 per hour. However, the truth is you cannot run test after test throughout the day.

Here are the various ways you can get paid online and contribute to market research and testing:

1. Website tester: You give feedback on websites and apps at $10 on average per test you complete. This generally takes you about 15 minutes. You can look for this type of job with companies like Analysis, Startuplift, User feel, UserTesting, and Whatusersdo.

2. Mystery Shopper: You earn money by secretly visiting stores and describing your experience. An anonymous shopper earns an average of $14.81 per hour. Some of the companies from which you can get paid online as a mystery shopper include Mystery shopper Providers Association, Experience Exchange, Sinclair Customer Metrics, Best Mark, and Market forces.

3. Signing Up for A Focus Group or Research Study: Companies will pay you for sitting down in groups and answering customer questions. This could be for a whole day or on an hourly basis. The income differs. You can enroll in focus groups at, Global Strategy Group, Focus Groups, and SIS International.

4. Participate in Online Surveys: You can fill out your information in a market research survey website. Then they will contact you when a survey that matches your demographics is available. Some of the sites where you can sign up include Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, Survey Spot, Pinecone, Survey Junkie, Amazon Mturk, and MyPoints.

Get Paid Online As An Affiliate Marketer

You can earn money online from the comfort of your home through getting commissions by marketing another company’s or person’s products. Regardless of the intricate definition, the process is fairly simple. You simply search for a product that you enjoy personally, then advertise the product so that others can profit from the product too.

As a result, you receive some money from each sale resulting from your promo. Some of the sites where you can get such jobs include Amazon’s affiliate program, ShareASale, and ClickBank.

Get Paid Online

Get Paid Online


YouTube Videos

According to recent research, people watch more videos on YouTube than they search on Google. And you can now make a living out of posting videos on YouTube. You can create a YouTube Channel where you can make and upload the videos. So you can earn a lot of money depending on how successful you are. There are several stories posted daily that you can use to prosper in your career as a YouTuber.


Blogging can be used as a way of making money online from home. A blog, like other recent internet innovations is a potential marketing strategy for entrepreneurs. You can earn money from your blog in different ways like affiliate marketing, advertising and so much more.

Micro Jobs

A micro job, as implied by the name is a small task undertaken at a little cost. There are many possible micro jobs you can participate in, including online surveys and other small online tasks. Some of the sites you can get such jobs include ClickWorker, Amazon Mturk and Swagbucks.

Selling Products and Courses

Whether you sell online courses, eBooks or products, you can generate a lot of income from selling your own online courses and products. All you need is to select high quality products or services from your niche. Then you post them online where the users of your platform can access it at a cost.

The good news about this way to get paid online, is that it can happen quickly. You can come up with a flexible working schedule from home and build a career by consulting and coaching your customers at a small charge.

Final Thoughts

With the outburst of online businesses, there is no better time to look for ways to make money from home than now. From essential endeavors like setting up business, to part-time coaching or consulting services and online surveys. There are undoubtedly several ways you can start earning from the comfort of your own home to ensure your financial security.


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