Make Money Online Without Investing

13 Ways To Make Money Online Without Investing

Most people think that for you to make money, you must make some sort of investment. Well, this is not the case when it comes to online jobs. All you will need is a laptop or your smartphone and a reliable internet connection. As of now, a lot of people are doing online jobs and they are making some good money. Why should you be left behind? If you are looking for ways on how to make money online without investing, you are in the right place.

Below are some ways on how you can make a living online. Choose one, two or even three ways and be consistent. You will see the benefits in no time.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is by far one of the easiest and best ways for you to make money online without investing. The requirements for you to start blogging are:

  • Registering a domain name
  • Acquiring web hosting services
  • Selecting a suitable niche

You can even run your blog on free web hosting sites such as WordPress. The money will begin to come in once you start getting your blog consistent traffic. Pick a trendy topic that will attract viewers.

You can place paid ads on your site. You can also earn from paid posts on your site. You can also affiliate with some sites such as Amazon and place some of their products on your blog. As a result, for every sale done via your site you will earn a commission.

Make Money Online Without Investing
Make Money Online Without Investing
  1. Freelancing

Do you often come across people who refer to themselves as freelancers? Wondering if it’s really a thing. Yes, it is! Freelancing today is a well paying profession. It’s because you don’t just limit your expertise to a certain company or field. You work for as many people as possible.

The good thing about freelancing is that there are a lot of sites that bring together both freelancers and contractors who have tasks to be done.

Whether you are a writer, programmer or even a financial adviser, you can be assured of finding tasks on these freelancing sites. Some good freelancing sites include Upwork and Fiverr. There you will easily find projects from different clients and you will get paid to do as many as you can handle.

  1. Selling Courses Online

Are you good at a certain skill or field of study? Then, you can make some good cash by selling this knowledge in the form of courses online. Similar to freelancing, there are some sites that work as intermediaries between providers and seekers of knowledge. Examples of such a site include Udemy.

  1. Passion For Writing – Make Money Online Without Investing

Have you always had a passion for writing? Why don’t you get paid for it? You can get paid for writing articles, academic papers and much more. Articles are usually for blogs or business sites that want to reach out to their customers. Academic papers, on the other hand are usually for college/university students.

To get writing jobs, you will have to register in either article writing or academic writing sites. In this type of online venture, you need not have to make any investment.

  1. Virtual Assistance

How busy is your schedule? Do you have the time to be a virtual assistant? Well, if you do then this can be a lucrative online business opportunity. You can reach out to a couple of companies to hire you as their virtual assistant. You will often be asked to do some managerial and administration tasks.

  1. Selling Online Services

In the online world, you have unlimited freedom to sell anything. All that you need to have is creativity and a service that is always in demand. In this case, you don’t need any investment for you to sell your services online. Some services that you can sell include designing CV’s, brochures, letters and selling coaching services.

Also one of my favorites that seem to get overlooked, is offering website security as a service!

  1. Website Management

In some instances, some website owners are usually too busy to manage their own sites. This can be a great opportunity for you if you are familiar with website management. People like doctors, therapists, lawyers, veterinarians, and tutors usually don’t have time to focus on web management because their jobs are too demanding.

You can approach such people and ask them if they can allow you to monitor and manage their sites.

Make Money Online Without Investing
Make Money Online Without Investing
  1. Google AdSense

Placing Google ads on a website is one of the most popular ways to make money online without investing. This is something that nearly every website owner has done. It however, takes patience and traffic for you to earn substantial amounts of profit.

  1. Test Out A Website And Get Paid For It

If you have some free time, you can then become a professional tester. That is you will be required to test out a website whether it’s functioning smoothly or if it’s accessible. Once you give back the feedback you will get paid for it.

This type of task is available on freelancing sites and other forums where you will be asked by developers to test out a website before it’s officially launched.

  1. Paid Surveys

Online surveys are also another excellent way of making money online without investing. These surveys usually entail simple questions that you can answer with ease. You will however, have to find a good survey site that pays well.

Some surveys will require you to send feedback for different products or services. Examples of sites that pay for surveys include: Swagbucks, Toluna, OnePoll, and MySurvey.

  1. PTC Sites

The internet is a wonderful place. There are usually some sites that will pay you to visit their sites. They are called pay to click sites. Despite the payment being low, this is something that’s quite easy. And the more you visit the sites the higher your pay will be.

A lot of people do use PTC sites to generate income. It’s this popular because it requires no investment or any technical skill. It’s just a matter of opening up a site. The following are examples of the best pay to click sites; Neobux, ClixSense, OFFERNATION and Scarlet Clicks among others.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you earn some good commissions. All you have to do is to convince people to buy a certain product from a certain site. The most popular affiliate site is Amazon which is closely followed by ClickBank, Rakuten, ShareASale and JVZoo among others.

The best way for you to succeed in affiliate marketing is by selecting a particular product and targeting a certain group. Once you identify the product, you can now begin reviewing each product. Upload these reviews on your blog and wait for clients to begin ordering. Always ensure that you are as detailed as possible in your reviews.

  1. Bitcoin Mining

You are definitely familiar with how valuable Bitcoins are. Well, why don’t you begin mining them? Mining Bitcoins on a large scale is a bit difficult because it requires a lot of power and supercomputers. However, you can earn Bitcoins in small scale by participating in online tasks that pay in form of Bitcoin.

Examples of tasks that pay in Bitcoins are Pay to Click tasks, website reviews and even online games. Collect as many Bitcoins as you can as you never know how the rates of cryptocurrencies may rise. You may be the next millionaire.

Final Thoughts

The above are thirteen legitimate ways for you to make money online without investing. Pick at least three of these methods and you will have begun your journey towards achieving online success. Remember, the key to making money online is by remaining committed to whatever you are doing.

Thank you for coming by to read my 13 ways to make money online without investing article. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your feelings and thoughts.


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