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Hello my friends and readers. If you have been around the internet marketing space for a while, you already know that building a website is one thing. But choosing the best website traffic generator for your business is a totally different ball game.

Think about it, there are too many other sites competing for the same traffic that you may be after. It is almost impossible to make any meaningful headway without the use of the necessary tools and techniques.

Being many and relatively obscure, I have deemed it wise to step in and offer anyone the necessary guidance. I have identified five of the best traffic generators that I use and are working right now.

The strategies below have been noted to yield the best outcomes. They also provide the highest return on your investments. I strongly advise that you prioritize them in your search for the right traffic generation tactics.

Under each strategy, we shall look into how to use these traffic generators and put them into action.

Traffic Generator

Influencer Marketing Traffic Generator

Influencer marketing entails the use of key advocates to sell your product to the masses. You basically identify a person who has a large following and use them to reach out to a target segment of the market.

People are much more likely to purchase a product that is endorsed by persons they know, like or idolize.

Here are the 4 steps:

1. Segment Your Target Market

Start off by segmenting your target market. This basically means dividing the entire market to parts or sections. You may do so using the income levels, demographics, educational levels and more.

These are the key parameters that mostly determines how acceptable a product is going to be.

2. Identify The Most Suitable Influencer

Next, identify the most suitable influencer for the job. While your at it, try as much as possible to match the influencer with the segment.

If you target an educational segment, use an authority in matters academics and so on. It is only in this way that you will get higher value for your money.

3. Draft A Timeline And Strategy

You have to undertake your advertising within a scheduled time frame. You do not have to spend an eternity trying to convince a target market to try your product out, do you?

Yet again, you have to exercise some due diligence. The duration you set has to be sufficient for the product you have in mind.

4. Monitor The Progress

Monitor the progress! Ask yourself similar questions to this:

“Ever since I started the marketing campaign, how much extra traffic, new subscribers or sales have I received?”

This will help you to determine whether you are making any headway or not. You do not want to waste too much of your time and resources.

Now if your interested in finding out the advanced strategies of using influencer marketing as your traffic generator then you can take a look at the my straight to the point influencer hacks article today.

Traffic Generator

Using Pinterest As A Traffic Generator

Though smaller than the major social media sites, Pinterest accounted for 65% of all social media sales this past year. That’s a huge number! It is an excellent place to consider referring people from.

By referral I simply mean, people starting from Pinterest but then clicking a link to end up on your site. You know!

Here are the steps involved:

1. Set Up A Pinterest Account

Obviously, you must first and foremost possess a Pinterest account for the job. You really need no technical expertise for this. Just get over to the website and sign up for a Pinterest business account.

Customize your account for your niche and keywords. This may call for some added expert assistance as it can be a bit complicated for a beginner.

2. Generate The Necessary Marketing Content

This is the crux of the marketing initiative. At this stage, you simply generate the sales language you intend to use to target an audience.

You might have to make use of freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork to do this. You can also do it yourself using a free account on Canva.

3. Pin Relevant Content

Go to your site and pin the various relevant content. Now while your at it, link each pin to your article URL address and give it an engaging description that includes the keywords that you want to be ranked for.

This is to enable users to easily refer to your site whenever they click on your pins. If you still need some help here, look at a few YouTube videos.

4. Popularize Your Site

To generate more website traffic, you have to popularize your Pinterest boards. You may have to sponsor it so that as many people as possible get to know your brand.

Remember, the more exposed your site is, the more likely you will be to obtain quality targeted traffic.

Facebook Marketing For Targeted Traffic

Facebook might just be the king of social media. For this reason, it is more likely to yield you the desired ends more effortlessly. The platform gives you many resources to sell your products and make your brand known.

The following are the common steps you will follow to make use of the platform:

1. Create A Facebook Page

Just as in the case of Pinterest, you also have to create a Facebook page as a first step. Doing so yet again is simple and straight forward.

You only have to visit Facebook and select ‘business or brand.’ You will thereafter be guided appropriately on how to conclude the rest of the registration process.

2. Populate Your Page With Relevant Information

You now have to post on your fan page with relevant pieces of information. These include the product logo, a small description of the product and a link that points to your own site.

It is this link that shall direct visitors to your site whenever they click an advert on Facebook.

3. Sponsor An Advert

For added visibility, you might also want to sponsor an advert. This makes it reach a wider target market for enhanced overall visibility.

Even though it costs you money, you will most definitely gain added traffic by choosing to incorporate it in your marketing strategy.

4. Respond To The Traffic

Almost as soon as you create the advert, you will begin experiencing some inflow of traffic. Waste no time in this. Almost immediately the traffic can start to flow in, make efforts to respond to it appropriately.

The response may take the forms of furnishing the product or offering more information.

Now, Facebook is not only one of the best for paid advertising. It is now one of my top two, that I use as a website traffic generator. This is also because I have found and implemented a Facebook messenger bot strategy. Check it out now!

Traffic Generator

Drive Traffic With Email Marketing and Solo Ads

Email marketing with solo ads are advertisements which are sent out directly to another persons email list. You basically build a list of the emails of your potential clients. Thereafter, you send out bulk messages to them. The beauty of this traffic generator, is the fact that emails accommodate more information on the whole.

1. Create An Email List

Your first step should be to create an email list. This is basically a list of the various clients and recipients whom you target. You may need to refer to my solo ads strategy that will get you engaged subscribers quickly.

2. Draft Relevant Content

Next, draft the relevant content. These are the sales and marketing languages which you intend to push through to your client base.

Remember, too long a letter will often lead to boredom on the part of the recipients. Be sure to keep it short, to the point and include a call to action.

3. Identify A Suitable ISP

You now have to identify a suitable internet service/email provider. Not all may allow you to send out bulk emails using their infrastructure.

Be sure to make it plain to them that you intend to do just that. Purchase an email hosting plan thereafter.

4. Send Out Your Messages

Now it’s time to send out your bulk messages. Do not send to too many recipients at a time. That may lead to your emails landing in the SPAM or junk folders.

Again, remember to place a link in the message body which refers the recipients to your own site or offer.

Alright, so if you really want to build an engaging email list then start using solo ads as your new traffic generator today!

Generate Traffic With SEO

Use SEO To Generate Website Traffic

Lastly, as it comes to the search engine optimization. There is no doubt that it can boost the visibility of your site by pushing it higher in the search engine results pages.

As opposed to the above, here we are going to examine some of the strategies which you may employ to boost these rankings.

Generate SEO Optimized Content

SEO optimized content are simply those that are easily understood by the search engines. For the content to fit this description, it has to be simple and to the point.

It should also contain sufficient occurrences of the main keyword along with some keywords that are closely related.

This way, it is easier for the users to find the information that they are looking for.

Incorporate Links To The Site

You have to incorporate some links into your site. It is these links that will drive visitors to your offers when they click them.

To do this, you may also ask your friends, bloggers, colleagues, and associates to provide you with their external links. More quality links lead to higher rankings.

Speed Up Your Website

Faster websites have been noted to rank better than their slower counterparts. Also, faster loading times can result in higher conversion rates.

Check out your site’s loading speed using Google’s Page Speed tool. Also, consider compressing images, caching browsers, and minimizing JS or CSS files as possible ways forward.

Update Content Regularly

Lastly, you should also update your content regularly. Stale content is often edged out by their fresher counterparts. While your at it, be original, be sure to furnish only relevant content and avoid copying from other sites.

Ensure that the content is well researched, logical and is as engaging as you can make it.



Which Traffic Generator To Use?

Alright so my guidance ends there. I caution that this basic information is not enough for you to know all about each traffic generator. You definitely need to learn additional and advanced traffic strategies about each and then put it into practice.

This can only happen if you go ahead and implement at least one or two of these basic strategies. Be sure that your consistent and only publish quality and relevant content. Then address the advanced!

Please feel free to share this website traffic generator article with others. It goes without saying that the integrity of the information furnished may not hold indefinitely. Do refer to this site in the future for any updates that I post on this topic!

Thanks for dropping by. Would love it, if you left a comment below. I’m happy to respond and help you out!

Website Traffic Generator FAQ’S

1. How does a website traffic generator work, and can it boost my online visibility?

A website traffic generator is a tool or platform designed to increase the number of visitors to your site. It utilizes various strategies, such as organic search optimization, social media sharing, and targeted advertising, to drive relevant traffic. By employing a traffic generator, you can enhance your online presence, attract potential customers, and improve your website’s overall visibility.

2. Are website traffic generators safe for my site’s reputation, and do they comply with search engine guidelines?

Reputable website traffic generators prioritize compliance with search engine guidelines to ensure the safety and integrity of your site. It’s crucial to choose a tool or platform that employs ethical and sustainable methods for traffic generation, steering clear of practices that could result in penalties. When used responsibly, these generators can contribute to improved search engine rankings and a positive online reputation.

3. Can a website traffic generator target specific audiences, and how does it help in driving quality traffic?

Yes, many website traffic generators offer targeting options to reach specific audiences. By defining your target demographic, interests, and geographical location, you can attract quality traffic relevant to your business. This ensures that the visitors generated are more likely to engage with your content, products, or services, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and improved overall website performance.

4. What are the key metrics to monitor when using a website traffic generator, and how can I measure its effectiveness?

Monitoring key metrics is essential for assessing the effectiveness of a website traffic generator. Keep an eye on metrics such as organic traffic growth, bounce rate, and conversion rates. Additionally, track the source of your traffic to understand which channels are most effective. Regularly analyzing these metrics will provide insights into the impact of the traffic generator on your website’s performance, helping you make informed decisions for ongoing optimization.

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